Exotic token

The exotic token is the means through which the protocol will raise its liquidity. It does this by offering utility and revenue sharing to its holders. In order to do this the protocol charges some revenue fees on each transaction.

Fair launch

There are no advance sales or private funding rounds. The treasury will plan to diversify its holding to ensure sustained growth but aims to do this in a way that doesn't effect token value. We imagine token value to largely be a function of recurring revenue generated.

Token information

  • Token name: Exotics token
  • Token symbol: XTC
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 XTC


  • Team: 30,000,000 XTC
  • Treasury: 20,000,000 XTC
  • Liquidity distribution: 50,000,000 XTC

The team and treasury allocations are vested over one year. The liquidity distributions are minted to the rewarder contract.

Liquidity mining

For every wager that is placed on our bootstrap games the user will receive some XTC to their rewarder account. The pending tokens due to a user can be claimed at any time. The team have full discretion over when and how many tokens are emitted. This will be done in order to maximize protocol liquidity generation. If there remain un-distributed tokens at the end of the bootstrap period there may be a token burn of remaining supply.