Exotic Gaming

Exotics is a decentralised wagering application built on avalanche. We are just getting ready to launch our open beta.

This website contains information on how the protocol operates and its deployment.


A decentralised system which can accept wagers on any event while providing fair odds. It will enable this by using Protocol Owned Liquidity as a counterparty to user wagers. The protocol owned liquidity should also be able to be made available to third party applications to serve as their stake. For more information see out roadmap


As a protocol we want the liquidity we control to be truly owned by us so it will be raised by protocol fees. In order to incentive people to play (raise protocol fees) we are distributing a protocol governance token to all users. This token awards the holder a share of protocol revenue and will in the future allow voting on protocol parameters and third party protocols integration. View more informaiton on the token distribution or revenue sharing.


This project is a work in progress and there is no implied warranty or any guarantee of security whatsoever.

You must be 18 or older to use this application.